V A (I) N I T Y


There's a monster in my room.

It lives in my mirror but it comes out sometimes, just to play with the things on my vanity. It likes to dress up and look good so it's not a scary monster at all but a somewhat vain one.

From what I've seen, it has 8 favourite things from My Vanity.

thing 1


It has developed a liking to this particular nail polish. I guess the small white and pink flakes give a sense of delicacy, even to a monster's hands.

thing 2


A girl and her mascara. It's an essential so I can see why even a monster favours it so much. A good curl means a good day.

thing 3


The range of colours in this eyeshadow palette isn't huge but it has colours perfect for everything. It could be used for everyday or even a day or night out, not to mention the sparkly shades are so pretty. I guess me and the monster have pretty similar tastes because this one's a favourite for me as well.

thing 4


Foundation's another must have unless you have amazing skin (if so please drop the routine). A girl only needs 2 things; good mascara and a good foundation. I'd prefer a lighter coverage foundation than this one but I guess the monster likes it covered.

thing 5


Lips are the fun part to any makeup routine. It's the little cherry ontop of the cake because it's usually the last part. The options for lips are almost endless where there's the typical red to black to blues. There's a colour for everyone so even a monster would have something to like too.

thing 6


Hair is a pain. I hate it almost as much as I love it. Hairstyles are so versatile and fun. Curling irons are great but I always end up toasting my fingers using them. I wonder if monsters are any good with heat.

thing 7


Out all of the accessories, this one is it's favourite. It glistens and has a sense of elegance that would make the wearer feel pretty. I can see how something like this would make even a monster feel vain. If you caught these sparkling in your reflection you probably couldn't help but to stare.

thing 8


Perfume is so nice; but not all perfumes though. The ones that smell like air refresheners are garbage and should be canned straight away. I wouldn't say girls smell bad or anything but if you could smell better, why wouldn't you? This is also one of my favourite fragrances so me and that monster aren't too different after all.

The more and more I see it, I more and more I get to know her. Even though it's my vanity, her favourites are also my favourites which wouldn't happen at all if we weren't similar to begin with. It's almost scary how sometimes I look in the mirror and I dont see a monster anymore, I see myself and I have the thought that,


Maybe the monster in the mirror is me.